Hu Montague

We recently caught up with Western’s Hu Montague, to discover what pests he’s seen an increase in recently and one specifically stood out: cave crickets. “I’ve seen an increase in cricket infestations. They’re a damp-dwelling insect, and they’re big crickets that are hard to miss,” reveals Hu.
Due to their penchant for moist, darker areas, you’re most likely to discover them in crawlspaces and basements. Their long limbs and long antenna help them to navigate their way through darker areas, so it’s also important to keep an eye out for them in corners and nooks of the home says Hu Montague.
Here are some thing Hu Montague has to say about rodents. Rodent droppings are sign that rodents are definitely present. These droppings look a bit like dark brown grains of rice and can be found anywhere that rodent have been. Some of the most obvious places these can be found are in kitchen cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.
Hu Montague recently came across some remarkable video of ants catapulting themselves around with their jaws. They’re jumping ants!While this behavior is not new to the insect world; Hu Montague found it fascinating that the ants are not only able to jump backward, but have now evolved to jumping forward as well. This jumping forward is completely new to science!The ants are called Trap-Jaw ants, and when they snap their “trap-jaws” together super fast, it causes the ants to quickly bolt through the air.
Hu Montague has a lot to say about Boxelder Bugs and here it is. Mother Nature has given us a huge world of interesting plants and animals. Many of the pests that bother us are not poisonous. It is important to live in harmony with some of the bugs that make us crazy. They all have their reason for being here and most help us humans in one way or another. We believe in this way of thinking and will create a perimeter around your home to keep your family safe but allow creatures on the other side to live and do the job they are intended to do. If you have a weird bug and don’t know what it is, take a picture of it and send it in! We would love to help you discover what it is!!
Hu Montague knows how frustrating these pests can sometimes be. You try to take care of your landscaping so your family can enjoy it, but sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda.